Requesting Immigration Sponsorship

If you have questions about inviting or hiring a foreign national to Dartmouth, please contact OVIS before making a commitment. We can assist you in determining whether immigration sponsorship is possible, and advise you on the steps you must take to request sponsorship.

Required Information

Before initiating the sponsorship process, you will need an appointment/invitation letter signed by the Dean of the Faculty or by the appropriate dean or department director. The letter must contain:

  • Appointment title
  • Appointment dates
  • Funding amount(s) and source(s)
  • Statement of benefits eligibility or non-eligibility

When requesting a specific start date, consider the timing of the immigration process and government wait times. Please consult with OVIS to determine a reasonable start date before making a commitment.

  • To initiate the sponsorship request process, go to iDartmouth and select the appropriate request type.
  • Complete the department forms.
  • Most requests require faculty and/or dean or director approval.  Enter the name and Dartmouth email address for the approver(s) when prompted, and notify the approver(s) to expect the email with a link to the approver eForm.
  • When all department and foreign national forms are completed, submit the final request.
  • For international employee hires, be sure to submit the appropriate payroll authorization (PA) to Human Resources/Payroll, and advise the employee of the I-9 requirement at the beginning of employment.

OVIS will work directly with the scholar to schedule an OVIS check-in and orientation. OVIS does not arrange for housing, Dartmouth email accounts, Dartmouth ID cards, or access to Dartmouth buildings.

Requesting departmental user access to iDartmouth

All departmental users must request and be approved for access to the Sunapsis iDartmouth system.  You will receive an email notifying you when your access has been granted. You may then log in to to access immigration e-forms.


  1. Ensure you are CONNECTED to DUO. This is critical for off-campus users. If you are not set up with DUO, please refer to the following information from Dartmouth ITC:
  2. VISIT
  3. CLICK Administrative Services for University Departments below the blue login button.
  4. If prompted, SIGN IN using your NetID single sign on.
  5. In the left column (in blue), CLICK Departmental Services, then Departmental Access Request.
  6. Complete the Departmental Access Request Form using your Dartmouth Network ID and information
  7. Wait for confirmation of approval from OVIS
  8. Begin working on your e-form request in iDartmouth