Transferring to Dartmouth College

J-1 Exchange Visitors who are currently at another U.S. institution may transfer their J-1 sponsorship to Dartmouth. When the host department or school has issued the appointment letter for a program of research or teaching, the department will initiate the J-1 sponsorship request process in iDartmouth.

The Exchange Visitor will receive a message to complete the forms for the J-1 sponsorship request, including the J-1 transfer form. The form asks the Exchange Visitor to provide the contact information for the individual at the current J program-sponsoring institution so that individual can approve the transfer request, including the requested transfer release date.

Transfer-in J-1 Exchange Visitors will not be issued a new Form DS-2019 from Dartmouth until all required forms are completed and requested documents are provided, and the SEVIS transfer release date is reached.

In order to transfer your J-1 record to Dartmouth College, you must have time remaining within your J-1 category and you must be transferring to study or conduct research in the same field in which your original DS-2019 form was issued.

Transferring out of Dartmouth College

J-1 Exchange Visitors may request to transfer from Dartmouth to another J-1 program sponsor in the United States. Exchange Visitors who intend to transfer to another program should discuss these plans with their host department or school and with their OVIS advisor before the planned move.

If you are eligible to transfer your J-1 SEVIS record to another J-1 program sponsor in the United States, you will need to fill out the Request to Transfer Form DS-2019 in iDartmouth. After completing this form and a second approver form by your new program sponsor, your OVIS advisor will review the form and work with the new institution to coordinate your SEVIS transfer.

J-1 exchange visitors must transfer within the same category of sponsorship, and must maintain the same objective.