Program Extensions


Within the allowable program limits for each J category, it may be possible to extend a program for J exchange visitors currently in the United States and sponsored by Dartmouth College. Eligibility for a program extension depends on each individual's circumstances and program category.

Your sponsoring department will initiate a J-1 extension with OVIS on your behalf once the reappointment letter is prepared. The process must be completed before the current program end date listed on your Form DS-2019.

The reappointment letter must contain:

  • Your position title
  • The proposed dates of the extension period
  • The amount and source of funding for the extension period
  • Confirmation of continued benefits, if applicable

If your J-1 program is not funded by Dartmouth, and you are not benefits-eligible, you will need to demonstrate sufficient funding to cover the requested extension period, for you and any J-2 dependent family members, as well as continued health insurance coverage that meets U.S. Department of State minimum requirements, for you and any J-2 dependent family members.

When the extension request is submitted to OVIS, we will prepare and issue a new Form DS-2019 for the extension period for you and any J-2 dependent family members.

The DS-2019 is valid to extend your stay in the United States. If you need to depart the U.S. during the extension period, you must obtain a new J-1 visa stamp in your passport before you can reenter the country. If your J-2 dependent family member(s) travel, a new J-2 visa stamp will be required for reentry. The visa renewal can only be done at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy outside the United States.