Interactions with Law Enforcement

Your Rights and Responsibilities

As a non-citizen, it is important to know that an arrest, charge, or conviction could impact your current and future immigration status, future applications for immigration benefits, and your interactions with immigration and consular officials. 

It is important for international students and scholars to know your rights if you encounter law enforcement, while remaining calm and respectful.  Interactions can happen in a number of contexts including traffic stops, protests and demonstrations, or at the airport with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. 

In addition to the potential impact to U.S. immigration status, you should consider possible consequences in your home country. 

If you have an interaction with law enforcement you should contact your OVIS advisor to understand the possible implications to your immigration status. OVIS can also provide you with a referral to an outside immigration attorney for legal advice. 

Dartmouth institutional policies to be aware of:

A complete listing of Dartmouth policies can be found on the Policy Portal.

U.S./NH laws and policies to know about:

Additional resources about your rights as a non-citizen: