To be eligible for the B-1 Visitor for Business classification, you must be able to satisfy certain criteria, including:

  • Having a residence in a foreign country
  • Having an intention to enter the U.S. for a limited period. Your stay cannot exceed 90 days under the Visa Waiver Program.
  • Seeking admission solely to engage in legitimate business activities, including participation in academic, professional, scientific or business conferences, seminars or conventions, or possibly independent research. The B-1 classification does not permit employment or any provision of services in exchange for any type of compensation.

You may be asked to provide evidence of ties to your home country or your country of last residence to establish an intent to return. Such evidence can include:

  • Residence (deed or lease)
  • Employment (letter of employment verification from employer)
  • Enrollment in school abroad, bank and credit card accounts, and the presence of immediate family members in the country

If you are coming to engage in academic activities at Dartmouth, you should also present the letter of invitation from Dartmouth, both during the consular visa interview and again to the Customs and Border Protection agent at the port-of-entry when entering the United States.