Medical Reduced Course Loads

Medical Reduced Course Load

While a student is still an "active" Dartmouth student, OVIS may authorize a reduced course load due to a temporary illness or medical condition one term at a time, not to exceed four terms per academic degree level.

  • To substantiate the medical condition, the regulations require students requesting a medical RCL to submit documentation from one of the following U.S.-licensed medical practitioners:

    • U.S.-licensed Medical Doctor;

    • U.S.-licensed Doctor of Osteopathy; or

    • U.S.-licensed Clinical Psychologist

    • OVIS must approve the RCL request and issue an RCL authorization I-20 before the student drops any courses

    • To request a medical RCL for more than one term, the student must submit an updated request each term, and OVIS must reauthorize the medical RCL prior to either:

      1. The start of the term if the student will not enroll full-time in the upcoming term, OR

      2. Dropping below full-time enrollment if the student is currently enrolled in a full course load