Undergraduate Two-Course Loads

What is a Two-Course Load?

According to the Undergraduate (UG) Registrar, "A student may have a two-course load in any 3 terms, as a maximum, during his or her college career. There is no reduction in tuition associated with the taking of a two-course load." Read the full policy here.

Am I allowed to take two courses this term?

  • Dartmouth considers all undergraduate students to be in full-time status when they take a two-course term, for a maximum of 3 terms. The Student & Exchange Visitor Information System Program Office ("SEVP") has approved this option for F-1 students. Therefore, undergraduate students in F-1 status are allowed to take up to 3 two-course load terms without any immigration consequences. Matriculating transfer (MT) students have different two-course load allowances. MT students should refer to the Registrar's website.

  • Each time a student takes a two-course term, OVIS will issue an explanatory letter to keep with other permanent immigration records. 

  • Attention First Year Students: Students in their first term at Dartmouth College who believe they qualify for an academic difficulty RCL should speak with their OVIS advisor before dropping any courses.